William Costello

10. Incel psychology – The ‘Art of Thinking’ Greg Scorzo with William Costello (Part 2)

Writer, Speaker, Evolutionary Psychology.

Incel Psychology: Into the dark word of incels, with writer and student of Evolutionary Psychology, William Costello.

During Part 2 of this podcast, Greg Scorzo talks to evolutionary psychology grad student and op ed writer William Costello. In this conversation, Costello and Scorzo talk about ‘incels’, or the involuntarily celibate, as they call themselves. Firstly, they discuss William’s views regarding society’s misconception of what an incel is, the relationship between sexuality and justice as well as ‘incel’ as a victim identity. Secondly they explore the problem of women not being attracted to larger and larger amounts of men, socially normalised sexism against men, male entitlement to the female body and whether one can change one’s sexuality. Thirdly, they discuss the evolutionary mismatches in mating, the relationship between money and female arousal. Lastly, they talk about the problems with dating apps, the relationship between porn and the incel, and how psychologically normal your average incel is.

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