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12- Intellectual Freedom and The Culture Wars – The ‘Art of Thinking’ Greg Scorzo with Piers Benn ( part 2. )

Philosopher, Academic, Author, Lecturer. 

During the second part of the podcast philosophers Greg Scorzo and Piers Benn have a thought provoking session where they discuss additional issues that come up in Piers Benn’s book, Intellectual Freedom and the Culture Wars. More specifically, they discuss whether being in an historically oppressed group justifies verbally abusing people who belong to more privileged groups.  Secondly, they also discuss when can one assume racism is no longer a political problem as well as the psychological incentives all parties have to take certain political stances within identity politics. Thirdly, they discuss whether racism accusations are unfalsifiable, the different varieties of virtue signaling and the definition of racism. Lastly, the paradoxes of unconscious bias training, the political polarisation over Brexit, and the ethics of the unsolicited di** pic.

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