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5. COTO PUBLISHING-THE ‘ART OF THINKING” Bradley Tuck with Greg Scorzo (Part 2)

Queer performer, filmmaker, theorist, writer- Facilitator of Exploding Appendix www.exploding

Here is part 2 of the ‘Art of Thinking’ dialogue between Bradley Tuck and Greg Scorzo. In this podcast, they discuss Bradley’s early life, the origins of Exploding Appendix, the difference between transgression and evil, why the good is often more potent when it’s shrouded by danger, why sex and violence is no longer taboo, what is offensive in the 21st century, the pressures on females to conform to market demands, why we allow the market to pressure people into doing things we would never allow a person to pressure people to do, how to spot when the demands from activists on the creative industries are too high, when should we blame labour instead of capital, the unexpected virtues of market pressure, and the importance of agency in people who get bullied. If you’re interested in “Love Before Covid”, the audio play based on Greg Scorzo’s upcoming book, “Love: Post-Socratic Dialogues”, click here:…

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