COTO PODCAST: The Aftermath of the EU Referendum

Bradley Tuck/ Greg Scorzo


CULTURE ON THE OFFENSIVE is all about starting new conversations. This one is about the impact of the result of the EU Referendum, or BREXIT. We are pondering on the aftermath of the UK leaving the European Union which was the biggest cultural and political shake-up many of us have ever witnessed. The consequences of the EU referendum will impact a whole new way of doing things as it appears the Politics of Westminster will never be the same again. We will all really have to start to think of things in a different way. Here is a great example of the “Art of Thinking.” The podcast covers the paradoxes inherent in the spaces between election politics and social, cultural and economic realities. It explores the totally new ways that the traditional notions of what was Left and Right have been shaken-up and includes observations on the way the Corbyn and Farrage have contributed to an anti-wealthy political elites fight-back. The insightful Bradley Tuck and Greg Scorzo  talk about bigotry, authoritarianism,  racism, immigration, sovereignty, class-division and the fact things have literally been blown apart.


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