Post-Socratic Dialogues

9. POST-SOCRATIC DIALOGUES: LOVE – Experimental Fiction – Greg Scorzo with Lizzie Soden

POST-SOCRATIC DIALOGUES : LOVE – Experimental fiction

Experimental Fiction Book, POST-SOCRATIC DIALOGUES: LOVE

In this podcast in-house COTO philosopher Greg Scorzo and Lizzie Soden will be revisiting philosophical dialogues for the 21st Century around, Romance, Procreation and Sex.  They will talk about Greg’s new experimental fiction book Post-Socratic Dialogues: Love. This is neither fiction or philosophy, and is a total page turner. No background in philosophy is required to engage with this experimental fiction book that is definitely going to keep you on your toes.  We are all philosophical in our own ways, so brace yourselves as you dive into the dark world of love and relationships.

Lizzie and Greg will also be talking about related issues such as Greg’s background, his work as a philosopher and why he decided to write an experimental fiction book, they also discuss topics such as, how to analyze the subject matter in the book, and what are the most important aspects of love. And turning away from those aspects never ends well. The book is available to buy on Amazon.

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Greg Scorzo’s book ‘POST-SOCRATIC DIALOGUES – LOVE’ is available to buy on UK Amazon.  and also on US Amazon

LOVE BEFORE COVID is an Audioplay comprising 3 Chapters of ‘POST-SOCRATIC DIALOGUES – LOVE’ also available via audioboom and via YouTube


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