COTO VIDEO: ‘ART OF THINKING’ about free speech on campus with Claire Fox.

Greg Scorzo/ Claire Fox

Culture on the Offensive’s (COTO’s) The ‘ART OF THINKING’ about FREE SPEECH ON CAMPUS “I find that Offensive!” This ‘Art of Thinking’ Event took place on the 1st March as part of DeMontfort University’s Cultural Exchanges Festival 2018. It was part of a set of fringe events that took place at LCB Depot CX@LCB. Philosopher Dr Greg Scorzo and writer / broadcaster Claire Fox, director of the Academy Ideas, get to the thinking behind Claire’s thinking. In this age of social media bias, fake news and hate speech laws, what happens if you merely offer different explanations for the way things are? The “you are either with us or against us” attitude is impacting us to the point where we can be ruthlessly slandered if we merely disagree. We do live in a pluralistic society and remember you don’t have to think like everybody else. Do it with ‘empathy, clarity and courage’ though.

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