Corbyn’s Labour and the Rebirth of the Demos

Bradley Tuck/ Lizzie Soden

Here we have a nice cosy chat between “the Exploding Appendix ” Mr Bradley Tuck and CULTURE ON THE OFFENSIVE’s own Lizzie Soden.

What is going on with Corbyn’s Labour Party? Following the Brexit vote, the right of the Labour Party in the UK seized on the chance to use the result as an opportunity to stage a coup and place a vote of “no confidence” in their leader. They cynically blamed him for Labour losing the Remain campaign, as if the whole thing was a general election which Labour had lost. Jeremy Corbyn, like Teresa May, our present prime-minister, was a reluctant “Remainer.” Over the years he made it known that he had much in common with Tony Benn’s viewpoint and criticisms of the EU as a non-democratic bureaucratic corporately run oligarthy.  Much has been said about the notion that this was not a party political choice, or even a Left /Right choice. Labour as a Party chose to be united around the Remain campaign with the then Conservative prime-minister David Cameron, and others from all parties,  but it was a seriously complex issue. There were pros and cons on both sides; decisions to leave or remain were made for a huge variety of reasons by different people. Arriving at the same decision did not necessitate you had common ground with people who came down on the same side.

It is hard to unravel why a coup against Jeremy Corbyn who was elected with a huge man-date by the Labour Party membership only 10 months ago, has been mounted now. It should be noted that this was their last chance before the next election pre-Labour Party Conference of the National Executive Committee of the Labour party, so they latched onto it. The Blairites/ Centrists know that if they lose control of that committee things could really start to change, pushes for re-selection could occur for those non-Corbyn loyalists.

Lizzie and Bradley talk about JC, the state of democracy, double standards prevalent in contemporary politics and the sinister nature of Centrism. They are not fortune-tellers and therefore can give no definitive answers to those of you who are concerned about what is going to happen next in the latest instalment of “Everything’s Gone Tits Up and Nothing Will be the Same Again.” However they can offer a perspective on things which is maybe a bit more hopeful and cheeky than those filled with doom and gloom currently trawling the internet. This is about class. They are both pretty classy.

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