The ‘Art of Thinking’

Before the pandemic Greg Scorzo, our in-house philosopher gave talks and appeared on various panels.

This was all on the back of running over 60 Leicester based  ‘Art of Thinking’ Events which were attended by the community. These centred around a wide range of Arts and Culture topics, City Festivals,  as well as Social issues. We either gave an overview presentation of different positions / arguments or had a guest that we talked to with a certain world view.

On top of this we were publishing writing in the form of multimedia essays, on cultural issues and arts and culture, experimenting with podcasts and transcribing interesting conversations. 

Like many others, Culture on the Offensive took an unforeseen break from our normal activities due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

However we have kept busy.

We are excited to still be focussing on the ‘Art of Thinking’ in the form of dialogues. In our 2021 series of podcasts Greg interrogated the ideas of a wide range of thinkers exploring different topics.


All The ‘Art of Thinking’ with Greg Scorzo 2021 podcasts are available on major platforms via Audio Boom including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and many more. 

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Greg Scorzo has had time out to finally finish his book LOVE BEFORE COVID – which is is available to buy on


The Audioplay ‘LOVE BEFORE COVID’ comprising 3 Chapters of the book which is available via audioboom linking to all major podcast platforms and via YouTube

This takes the form of a ‘feature film for your ears, written and scored by Greg Scorzo in the form of extracts from his book. Produced by Lizzie Soden.


Lizzie is currently undertaking pre-production of various experimental dialogue based documentary projects. (Watch this space.)

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COTO – Culture on the Offensive 

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We will now be publishing a number of COTO’s essays in book form so watch this space.

We our sending our undying love, as always, to all our fellow thinkers and supporters. Hope to see you all soon, and looking forward to meeting and collaborating with new people too.

Lizzie Soden (Creative director)

Dr Greg Scorzo ( Philosopher, writer, devisor, podcaster.)


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