1. COTO PUBLISHING – THE ‘ART OF THINKING’ Lizzie Soden with Greg Scorzo

Founders/ directors of COTO

In this new ‘Art of Thinking’ podcast, COTO creators Lizzie Soden and Greg Scorzo’s dialogue includes an introduction to COTO, as well as an update post-COVID. It covers Identity Politics in relation to: Racism, Feminism, Class, Poverty, Privilege, Participatory Arts, Diversity, Representation, Activism, Dogmatism, Extremism, Equality of Outcome, Equality of Opportunity, Mental Health, Responsibility, Power vs Money, Dissenting Opinion, Social Stigmas, Conformity, Left-Wing Politics, Marginalisation, Homophobes, Queerphobes, and what’s wrong with traditional analytic philosophy.

If you’re interested in “Love Before Covid”, the audio play based on Greg Scorzo’s upcoming book, “Love: Post-Socratic Dialogues”, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URSuw…


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