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Leicester is happening –

Over three weekends in June (15th – 30th) it’s time to come back to the sixties.

Experience vintage fairs, live sixties music and events, vinyl records, street food, family fun and more scooters than the set of Quadrophenia.

Join the in-crowd for a Summer of love at REVIVE Festival, Leicester with the Godfathers of cool.

In the meantime you can view the list of events and participating businesses and venues by visiting the Mods Shaping a Generation website

REVIVE has a dedicated page which is being updated weekly.

Twitter: @ReViveFestival
Facebook: @ReViveFestival
Instagram: @ReViveFestival

Dr Greg Scorzo will be running a talk and discussion after the screening of the films Quadraphenia at 6pm on the 16th June and Bronco Bulldog at 6.30 on the 26th June at Phoenix Arts as part of their ReVive season.

Culture on the Offensive (COTO) will be putting on 2 Art of Thinking Events

The Art of Thinking’ about Nostalgia and Revival at LCB Depot Thursday 20th June at 6pm

The ‘Art of Thinking’ about the Mods and the Rockers at Soft Touch Arts 23rd June at 5pm



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