In 2019 COTO raised money through a successful crowd funding campaign to enable them to have rent for office space for a year. Just before lockdown COTO were settled in to Leicester Creative Business Depot which enabled them to start to build a team with interns and volunteers in partnership with DMU graduate placement scheme and  the University of Leicester’s Innovation Hub. During the COVID lockdown COTO ran out of the crowdfunded office rent, and had to move out of the office as our events abruptly halted. We are not discouraged. Onwards and upwards.

Would you like to help by giving us a general financial donation for our social enterprise? If you enjoy our venture and would like to see it keep growing and going, every little helps.

You will get discounted and priority tickets to our talks and events, as well as discounts on our published books of articles and essays…..and OUR UNDYING APPRECIATION AND LOVE

Your donations will help:

  • pay our interns the rate they deserve.
  • enable us to promote and expand awareness of our work to a much wider audience
  • give the project and it’s vision a sense of continuity.
  • Self-publish books and produce podcasts.
  • Provide a workspace where the project can grow.



Both Greg Scorzo and Lizzie Soden manage differing mental health conditions. Whilst resistant to the labels ‘Autistic and Bipolar,’ sometimes those labels are a shortcut to other people’s understanding. They obviously don’t define them, and they feed their unique strengths. However they do impact their ability to reliably work full-time in traditional regular paid employment.

As there can be inconsistency of productivity due to their neurodivergences and how their conditions impact them, a larger team helps navigate the gaps in terms of output and keep things ticking over. The reason this social enterprise can be so productive and meaningful is that they can fit the work around these episodes, and be totally flexible.