VIDEO: ‘The Art of Thinking’ about Satire Greg Scorzo in conversation with Andrew Doyle

Greg Scorzo /Andrew Doyle

Dr Greg Scorzo and Andrew Doyle (comedian and co-writer Jonathan Pie) discuss satire, identity politics and Count Dankula’s “Nazi Pug.This was part of Leicester Comedy Festival. We feel that in light of Andrew being ‘outed’ as the creator of the spoof twitter account ‘Titania Mcgrath’ We should bring this out of the Archive.

This is an insightful and thought provoking hour long conversation pondering upon the nature of Satire and the recent worrying tendency to link it to “Hate Speech,” without looking at the context or real meaning of the joke. People want to censor certain phrases and words regardless of their intent. This talk was strangely prophetic. It’s definitely worth thinking about with ’empathy, clarity and courage.’

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