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Dr Greg Scorzo is COTO’s in-house philosopher, who after becoming disillusioned and feeling restricted within academia, came out of the box to bring philosophical enquiry into the public realm. In essence he is a contemporary street philosopher. He is a writer, director, conversationalist, composer and  speaker at events run by COTO.

He has written a number of extended essays on Arts and Culture as well as Cultural Issues, and is always interested in getting behind the thinking of other interesting, and maybe controversial thinkers.

Dr Greg Scorzo is  active in running talks and events centred around ‘The Art of Thinking’ about universal philosophical themes, arts and culture and cultural issues, Here you can socially meet, think, and discuss using EMPATHY, CLARITY and COURAGE when engaging in ensuing debates.

He aims to start new and original conversations. Whether he totally agree with the views is less important than whether they make us think, and understand why people may see things differently.

He  enjoys the exploration of human paradoxes and cultural innovation, creativity and mischief. He likes to adhere to the important right  of free speech, and bring people together from all walks of life, and range of opinions. People enjoy getting out of their echo chambers in the current polarised climate.

It is important to embrace all the opportunities for fresh solutions in this time of seismic cultural change. This involves being able to identify our own prejudices and double standards. It involves being able to check out for ourselves alternative viewpoints and explanations as to why things are as they are. It involves coming up with new ideas and creative solutions. It involves seeing things in new and interesting ways through digital technology, audio plays,film, music and the arts. It involves hearing and seeing things we may have been told we should never listen to, or look at. It involves having the freedom to agree or disagree, rather than others deciding what ideas we are allowed to engage in.

COTO – wants our audience to be able to explore and synthesise ideas from all over the political spectrum and our contemporary culture. We encourage people to be open to ideas outside their comfort zones.

We need new conversations to create innovation and take us into the future, and curiosity is the key. This is why we should be not looking back ‘on the defensive’  but  going forward ‘on the offensive’  

 You don’t have to think like everybody else.

Dr Greg Scorzo – Director, Editor Culture on the Offensivepublishing, writer, and public intellectual / ‘Art of Thinking’ Talks.

“He practices philosophy in the same way as musicians practice jazz – a truly insightful and original free-thinker. Actually he could be described as a Jazz Philosopher.”  – Chrysalis Jones.

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Bio – Greg Scorzo is a philosopher who writes, teaches, gives talks and engages people in participatory philosophical dialogues. He also has extensive knowledge of Art Films and Cinema and all genres of Music.

He was a founder member of One plus One magazine which developed into CULTURE ON THE OFFENSIVE, and contributor to One+One Filmmakers Journal since 2010. He taught philosophy at the University of Nottingham until 2014 but became disillusioned by the constraints of academia . He has a PhD in Meta-Ethics, and an MA in Ethics and Political Philosophy from the University of Nottingham, and a BA in Philosophy from Whittier College in California.