Sharing THE ‘ART OF THINKING through dialogues.


During the pandemic Greg completed his first novel ‘LOVE BEFORE COVID’ as well as producing an innovative radio play based on 6 chapters from that book, also called – LOVE BEFORE COVID. available on our YouTube Channel.  and via Audioboom with links to all major podcast platforms.

Greg was a founder member of the Leicester based project – COTO – (Culture on the Offensive) with Creative Director Lizzie Soden. The core of Greg’s work as a public philosopher, is to make philosophical thinking accessible. He takes it back to the orginal form of enquiry: the Classical Greek Socratic dialogues, (however, without a Socrates telling people what to think.) The aim of the COTO project was to actively practice the ‘Art of Thinking’ using all forms of dialogues.

Dialogues entail an exploration of clashing perspectives and opinions that cause reflection. Statements and declarations can close minds.

Greg uses dialogues as an author / writer, and to facilitate talks and events, and record podcasts. It is more important than ever to start new conversations, and see things from different viewpoints. Whether he totally agree with the views is less important than whether the particular dialogue makes us think, and understand why people may see things differently. He  enjoys the exploration of human paradoxes and cultural innovation, creativity and mischief.

The ‘Art of Thinking’ with Greg Scorzo podcast is available on YouTube where he does friendly philosophical interrogation of ideas  with many interesting thinkers. Also available via Audioboom linking to all major podcast platforms.

His extended essays on Arts and Culture as well as Cultural Issues are available on this platform www.cultureontheoffensive.com

He has a passion and extensive knowledge of film and music.

From 2017 – 2020 Greg Scorzo was active in running over 60 engaging voluntary community sessions, centred around ‘The Art of Thinking’  The focussed on  universal philosophical themes, arts and culture and cultural issues. The ethos behind these events was to encourage the use of EMPATHY, CLARITY and COURAGE in ensuing dialogues with the audience. These were organised by COTO.

He also took up invitations to partner and run sessions at other events, including the Battle of Ideas Festival at the Barbican London, the Philosophy Now conference, Leicester Comedy Festival and  DeMontfort University’s Cultural Exchanges festival. He is always interested to partner up with other like minded people.


Phone +44 (0)7923-412664

Based in Leicester in the UK, Dr Greg Scorzo has a PhD in Meta-Ethics, and an MA in Ethics and Political Philosophy from the University of Nottingham, and a BA in Philosophy from Whittier College in California.








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