At the core of the project ‘COTO – Culture on the are Offensive’ are a Philosopher and a Creative Director  who want to open minds to different ways of seeing things.

The COTO PUBLISHING project wants people to be open to ideas outside of their comfort zones.

We need new conversations to create innovation and take us into the future, and curiosity is the key. This is why we should be not looking back ‘on the defensive’  but  going forward ‘on the offensive’  

Greg Scorzo and Lizzie Soden don’t always agree. They often have very different ways of seeing the world and come up with very different narratives for the way things appear to be. But one thing they do agree on is this…to master the ‘Art of Thinking’ using empathy, clarity and courage is a good starting point…and YOU DON’T HAVE TO THINK LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.

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Dr Greg Scorzo has a PhD in Meta-Ethics, and an MA in Ethics and Political Philosophy from the University of Nottingham, and a BA in Philosophy from Whittier College in California. He was a  founder member of One plus One magazine which developed into CULTURE ON THE OFFENSIVE, and contributor to One+One Filmmakers Journal since 2010. He ran seminars at the University of Nottingham until 2014 but became disillusioned by the constraints of academia .

Greg  is COTO’s in-house philosopher. He came out of the box to bring philosophical enquiry into the public realm. In essence he is a contemporary street philosopher and public intellectual. He writes articles and books, dialogues, composes, speaks, teaches and devises talks and events.  

He has written a number of extended essays on Arts and Culture as well as Cultural Issues, and is always interested in getting behind the thinking of other interesting, and maybe controversial thinkers.

From 2017 – 2020 Greg Scorzo was active in running over 60 engaging sessions centred around ‘The Art of Thinking’ about universal philosophical themes, arts and culture and cultural issues. The ethos behind these events is to encourage the use of EMPATHY, CLARITY and COURAGE in ensuing discussions. 

These were organised by COTO, as well as taking up invitations to partner and run sessions at other events, including the Battle of Ideas Festival at the Barbican London, the Philosophy Now conference, Leicester Comedy Festival and  DeMontfort University’s Cultural Exchanges festival.

Greg always aims to start new and original conversations. Whether he totally agree with the views is less important than whether they make us think, and understand why people may see things differently.

He  enjoys the exploration of human paradoxes and cultural innovation, creativity and mischief. He likes to adhere to the important right of free speech, and bring people together from all walks of life, and range of opinions. People enjoy getting out of their echo chambers in the current polarised climate.

Since March 2020 during the pandemic he has been able to complete his book Post Socratic Dialogues: LOVE, as well as produce an innovative radio play based on 6 chapters from that book – LOVE BEFORE COVID. also on our YouTube Channel.  He is now running the new COTO PUBLISHING ‘Art of Thinking’ Podcast where he dialogues with many interesting thinkers.


Lizzie Soden has a BA in Fine Art from Coventry Lanchester Poly (1982.) and an MA with distinction in Art and Design (studio practice) from Loughborough University (2009.) in digital moving image.

As an Independent artist/filmmaker, she has made pop-videos for The Specials, has been a community arts worker, and made both event documentations and club visuals.

Her career started as a founding member and director of Soft Touch Community Arts. She became a local arts development officer, and an arts centre manager for Leicester City Council Arts and Cultural Services until 2002. She is an experienced project manager and has since run various cultural enterprises.

Lizzie is COTO’s Creative Director, and is the big picture and people person. She gets involved with the strategy and development of the project, and most things visual. She creates visuals, designs the website, scouts around for partnerships and opportunities, promotes Greg Scorzo and COTO and generally directs things that go on.

Her work as an Artist / filmmaker and writer has always been about bridging the chasm between intellectual pursuit and popular culture. She likes to question absurdities in current political orthodoxies.

She is a free-speech advocate and has always resisted being aligned to any particular political religious type thinking.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to get involved in anyway.


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