Post-Socratic Dialogue LOVE Part 1. Self Interested Love

by Greg Scorzo –

Starring Sarah Dalzell and Daniel Ashman. Narrator and Sound Engineer – Chris Conway.

LOVE – Most of us live with it and find life without it painful and unsatisfying. Yet love is like the background noise of our time on this planet. We think about our lovers while rarely thinking about the nature of love. This is odd, since love is as difficult, complicated, and paradoxical as anything else we encounter in life. We can see this when we consider how so many common sense plattitudes about love crumble in the face of actual situations.

In these dialogues we are introduced to Joe’s turbulent love-life, and the relationship journey with  partner Janet. Think about and explore just how confusing love can be in the perplexing and head-fucking series of Post-Socratic dialogues. Who needs soap operas?

This is Part 1. of a seven part series. More recordings coming soon. To read the whole series click here:


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