By Greg Scorzo –

The audio play LOVE BEFORE COVID is portraying elaborate, unfolding situations within 2 different romantic relationships. Our protagonist Joe experiences these situations with partners Janet and Lorraine. Focussing on the dark and disturbing pain that love can evoke, it provokes the listener at every twist and turn. The audio play confronts what would be seen as love’s shadow side. We discover  what love should be by confronting what it shouldn’t be. 

Warning – This is dark and disturbing because love can be dark and disturbing.

There is no one way to interpret this audio play. We bring our own experiences to the table, yet we interrogate the overriding familiar universal truths about facets of love.

The Audio Play is not exactly fiction and not exactly philosophy, but something in between. Dr Greg Scorzo developed Post Socratic dialogues as a new kind of philosophy. These dialogues are called “Post-Socratic” because there is no Socrates figure who tells the listener which viewpoints (if any) are the best ones. The listener decides that on their own.

LOVE BEFORE COVID – written, devised, directed and scored by author, philosopher Greg Scorzo.  Starring Daniel Ashman and Sarah Dalzell and narrated by Chris Conway. Visual design by Isaac Caplan Wilson and produced by Lizzie Soden.


LOVE BEFORE COVID is an Audioplay comprising 3 Chapters of ‘POST-SOCRATIC DIALOGUES – LOVE’ available to buy on UK Amazon.

Also on US Amazon

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