SERIES OF TALKS – THE ‘ART OF THINKING’ about GOD Leicester Secular Hall, SEPT – DEC

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75 Humberstone Gate,

Leicester LE1 1WB

Philosopher Dr Greg Scorzo will be sharing classic philosophical arguments relating to the existence of GOD.

These will be informal, participatory and accessible sessions, so no experience of academic philosophy is needed. In each session Dr Scorzo will first outline and explain a philosophical argument given by a classical or contemporary thinker in the “Philosophy of Religion” field. Participants will then have a chance to explore that argument through group discussion. Each session stands alone – come to as many as you wish.

Monday September 3:
The Cosmological Argument: Discussion about the infamous argument attempted to show that God
exists on the basis of the universe having a necessary first cause.
Monday September 17:
The Teleological Argument:  Discussion about the infamous argument attempting to show God’s
existence on the basis of the universe having a natural order, and hence, design.
Friday September 28
The Argument from the Principle of Sufficient Reason: Discussion about the infamous argument attempting to show God’s existence on the basis of the universe needing a sufficient reason why it is one way rather than
Monday October 22
Do Ghosts Exist: A discussion of whether we have evidence for the existence of the paranormal.
Friday November 2
The Argument from Religious Experience: Discussion of the infamous argument that religious experience
Is best explained as an experience of divine reality, thus constituting a form of evidence for the existence of God.
Friday November 16:
Michael Martin’s Atheistic Argument From Incoherence: A discussion of the infamous atheistic argument
that God is impossible because the attributes of God are simply incoherent.
Monday December 3
Is Religion Good for Society?:  A discussion of whether religion is good for society, independently of whether or not any religious claims happen to be true.
Monday December 17
Is Christmas an Ethical Holiday?: A Discussion about whether Christmas promotes greed, materialism,
and helps to spoil children.

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