Battle of ideas 2016


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We cannot recommend enough watching some of the debates that took place at the “Battle of Ideas” at the Barbican in October 2016. During the weekend WORLDdbytes recorded many of the debates for your viewing pleasure.

WORLDbytes is a unique online Citizen TV channel set up and run by the education charity WORLDwrite. Dedicated to advancing new knowledge, skills and ideas, the charity promotes excellence in citizen reporting and provides free training to volunteer-learners which combines practical film making with tackling challenging issues.

In one sense we’re all citizen journalists now and the mainstream media gathers sound bites from us to extend its reach and provide an interactive edge. We’re allowed to text vote on shows, our emails are read out on breakfast news, an occasional mobile phone clip gets aired but where is the access to the training or expensive kit to allow us to contribute serious reports, alternative stories, views and news? WORLDbytes, the charity’s pioneering channel, has stepped into the breach to ensure Citizen TV is both possible and taken seriously.

The panels are made up of a variety of speakers with differing ideas and viewpoints, and refreshingly  the audience are deemed to be as important  to the discussion with their contributions.

So please click here to take you to our recommendations for some of the debates we feel are essential viewing.

CULTURE ON THE OFFENSIVE were lucky enough to work in association with the Institute of Ideas  to run a few sessions. We also published a really interesting interview with the Director of the institute of Ideas, Claire Fox about the festival if you’d like a bit of background to the event.


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