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CANCELLED / POSTPONED The ‘Art of Thinking’ about AI Generated Art, LCB Depot, DATE TBC

Philosopher Dr Greg Scorzo

LCB Depot, 31, Rutland Street, Leicester, LE1 1RE

Due to sickness we have had to cancel / postpone this event. Future date TBC. 

“Can Art be Art Without Artist?

Much of the modern public discourse about AI has been focussed on it’s terrifying possibilities: sentient minds who can destroy (or replace) human beings. But AI also presents humans with many new perplexing possibilities: the most difficult of which to understand is artificial intelligence generated art. Is art created by AI evidence that AI can possess characteristics such as being ‘creative’ or ‘having good taste’ or ‘being aesthetically daring.’ Are are these adjectives more descriptive of the humans who have programmed the AI? Are there any qualities in human art that an artificial intelligence artist, no matter how sophisticated, will never be able to replicate? Conversely, are there unique qualities in an artificial intelligence artist that a human artist would never be able to replicate?

Watch clips, listen to a talk, have some discussion led by the entertaining and insightful philosopher, Dr Greg Scorzo.

Tickets Available through EVENTBRITE or Facebook Events

£5.00 or £3.00 concessions

Tickets also available on the door.


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