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PREVIOUS: The ‘Art of Thinking’ about Democracy, 10th Feb, Leicester Secular Hall, 7.30 pm

Philosopher Dr Greg Scorzo will do an entertaining and insightful talk followed by a discussion.

Leicester Secular Hall,

75 Humberstone Gate,

Leicester LE1 1WB

Democracy is the cornerstone of Western civilisation. We routinely work to spread democracy, while describing countries that lack democracy as despotic regimes. We believe democracy is important because of its ability to get good policy made into law, with the consent of the population. Is what we have seen in the last 3 years, in both the UK and the US, arguably a much more negative attitude towards democracy? Because so many of the political decisions in the last 3 years have instituted policies that many find unacceptable, those people increasingly describe democracy as the means by which ignorant and malicious citizens enact bad policy. But if democracy is simply the means by which’ intelligent and wise’ citizens mobilise each other to enact good policy, why have a democracy at all?
Why not just have a society run by’ intelligent and wise’ people? Why let the entire population, with all its supposed ignorant and malicious elements, endanger the decisions of the intelligent and wise?
Admission £3.00 min. Pay as much as you can afford. Starts 7.30 prompt.


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