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POSTPONED : The ‘Art of Thinking’ about Poverty, Leicester Secular Hall. DATE TBC

Due to Coronavirus restrictions this event is postponed.

Dr Greg Scorzo will do an insightful and entertaining talk followed by a discussion.

Leicester Secular Hall,
75, Humberstone Gate,
Leicester, Le1 1BW
Most financially thriving people in Western countries want to end poverty. Yet in contemporary politics, there is no agreement about how most effectively to do this.
For some, ending poverty is simply a matter of spreading the wealth that is there, through higher taxation, more state social spending, a broader welfare state and effective social services. On top of this imposing more comprehensive protective business regulations.
For others, ending poverty is about encouraging economic growth by lessening business regulations, encouraging entrepreneurship, and creating the smallest amount of people who need to rely either on the welfare state or social services. There are also moral disputes about how much each of us are individually obligated to help the poor.
Some question if any of us should be allowed anything other than basic necessities, until poverty is abolished. Is greed of others and the desire in people to have more than just basic necessities, feeding the lack of  redistribution of wealth?
Is the end of poverty obtained out of an altruistic impulse in those who are financially thriving to sacrifice some of their comforts? Or is erasing poverty something that arrises from encouraging people to be aspirational; to desire and work hard for themselves to achieve what the financially thriving people have?

Are there any simple answers?

Pay what you can afford. Talk starts at 7.30 prompt.

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