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The Great Inequality Debate : Are the rich the new super villains?


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In this vital debate filmed at the Battle of Ideas a trio of engaging speakers discuss the super-rich. The audience gets stuck in and it’s not all rich-bashing. Big questions are on the table. Is the obsession with the 1% an elite lead re-packaging of austerity in a politically correct form as Daniel-Ben-Ami compellingly argues? Is Paul Lewis of money Box fame right to emphasise the need for growth in his summing up or is Joris Luyendijk right that a tiny minority are controlling our minds with their huge wealth and media ownership? Are the super-rich a boon or a menace and in the end does a focus on the rich, make any of us better off? There’s much to consider, well worth watching and sharing. Pass it on.
The speakers are Daniel Ben-Ami, journalist and author, Ferraris for All: in defence of economic progress and Cowardly Capitalism; Paul Lewis, financial journalist and broadcaster; presenter BBC Radio 4’s Money Box and Joris Luyendijk, freelance writer; author of Swimming with Sharks. The chair is David Bowden, associate fellow, Institute of Ideas and culture writer.

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