EXPLODING APPENDIX podcast – The Politics and Culture of Corbynism

Bradley Tuck/ Greg Scorzo

Bradley Tuck, a founder member of COTO and now running the innovative and inspiring online platform EXPLODING APPENDIX interviewed our Dr Greg Scorzo, chief editor and philosopher in situ. They chatted about the UK 2017 election 2017 and especially about the new political wave of  ‘Corbynism.’ As an online platform exploring all aspects of culture, often emphasising counter-cultural currents and drawing out its political and philosophical implications. we eschew strict political alliances. In the words of Bradley Tuck:

Culture on the Offensive’s power resides, not in adhering to a strict political programme, or belonging to a particular ideological clique, but challenging and provoking us to think. You might not always agree with what they say, but that isn’t their intention. They are not looking for strict allies. They are seeking to challenge us and in doing so help us think through the many layers of today’s cultural and ideological scene.

After the recent UK election, we published a number of largely positive accounts of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. And that is the focus of this podcast.
It discusses political commentary from a number of publications focusing on pieces by Paul Mason, Slavoj Zizek, Bhaskar Sunkara in Jacobin Magazine, Tim Black in Spiked, Neil Davidson and Greg Scorzo himself. The interview took play on Saturday 24th June 2017. In this podcast you will also hear a section from Jeremy Corbyn’s closing speech on election night in Islington, set to the Rocky theme tune, Paul Mason interviewed on Novara Media 7th June 2017 discussing the BBC, a clip from the BuzzFeed video ’33 Questions White People Have For White People’, and a clip from the trailer to the MTV show My Super Sweet Sixteen.

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