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Post-Socratic dialogues: Love – (A toxic relationship book)

Joe and Janet are a young couple who are deeply in love with each other. The assumption that their relationship is healthy is shattered when Janet is diagnosed as a psychopath. Whilst the diagnosis seems accurate, it doesn’t undermine the fact that Joe is in an unusually happy relationship with his soulmate. But Joe is now scared of Janet.

Eve and Alice are faced with the decision about whether or not to have a baby when Alice suddenly gets extremely broody. Eve has never wanted children, but Alice is convinced her desire to be childfree is just internalised homophobia.

A Los Angeles porn star called Davis adores her 14-year-old son Max. Max is quite sensitive and intellectually gifted. The problem is he doesn’t approve of his mother’s porn career. Even worse, that disapproval could be stemming from Max’s own repressed Oedipal desires.

POST-SOCRATIC DIALOGUES: LOVE comprises a set of dialogues in the form of real-time conversations. It is neither traditional fiction nor traditional academic philosophy, even though it is written by a philosopher.

This toxic relationship book grapples with how love resists knowledge about love, because we master love by doing it, rather than theorising about it. Yet there is a paradox: bad ideas about love that can make us do it much worse. In the domain of love, ideas are relevant, even if comprehensive knowledge is impossible.

Reading this book, you may feel as though you are listening in on a series of intensely private conversations. If you heard any of these conversations in real life, you might feel as though you were being privy to a rather juicy bit of gossip. Or you might call the police. You might shed a tear. You might even masturbate (and then read some more traditional philosophy).

That is why, in some ways, this book is closer to a horror movie than a romance novel.

“Greg Scorzo should come with a warning. This diabolical thinker has produced something dangerous,
unsettling and unpleasant. Renewing a literary approach to philosophy befitting the likes of Plato, Rousseau,
Sartre, Murdoch or Badiou, Scorzo rattles our prejudices and shatters our assumptions. In this respect, Scorzo
is a ‘true’ philosopher.”

– BRADLEY TUCK Founder, Editor, facilitator Exploding Appendix 

The book is available to buy on UK Amazon and on US Amazon

LOVE BEFORE COVID is an Audioplay comprising 3 Chapters of ‘POST-SOCRATIC DIALOGUES – LOVE’

It is available via audioboom and via YouTube


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