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Dave Rubin is an American political commentator, comedian, talk show host, and television personality. We want to recommend his YouTube political talk show THE RUBIN REPORT because in many ways the approach he adopts is very similar to CULTURE ON THE OFFENSIVE. Rather than merely conducting interviews he engages in dialogues with people, many of whom are ‘controversial’ thinkers. He gets to the thinking behind their world views. By even engaging in conversation with people deemed to be enemies of the liberal traditional discourse, he is often demonised. This is in spite of the fact he actually talks to people from all over the political spectrum. He challenges a prevalent viewpoint in political rhetoric which is that if you even talk to someone the liberal media believe is dangerous, you are in some way condoning them. You cannot attempt to persuade your adversaries to your viewpoint by engaging with their ideology, rather you should censor them. Without actually listening to what they have to say and identifying and connecting over certain issues, while agreeing to disagree on others, we are left with the continuation of polarised political discourse. This in turn leads to all sorts of fake accusations and exagerations as to what the controversial provocateurs actually think. It also leads to a continual ideological war where nuanced discussion is replaced with close minded bigotry on both sides.

Dave holds the view that the Left is no longer liberal and is mostly regressive. He cares about free speech, is tired of political correctness stifling debate and advocates discussing new ideas for a new kind of politics. So are we.

As the face of YouTube’s The Rubin Report, he single-handedly champions politically incorrect discussion on everything deemed sacred by generation snowflake – from religion’s problem with homosexuality to double-standards in feminism and the rise of the regressive left (a fashionable movement, he says, that’s full of liberals shutting down debate “by smearing their opponents to promote a cause”). And, clearly, his brand of fearless journalism has tapped into something big.

Peter Lloyd the Daily Telegraph 

He has had in-depth conversations with renowned and much maligned Conservatives and people who would be perceived to be the Alt-Right. He also talks to a range of people from the contemporary Left/ Liberal spectrum.

In particular we would like to steer you to a three of episodes we found to be particularly insightful. We will also, as Dave does, add the caveat that we do not agree with all that they say. However we do not believe by having an open  discussion with someone, and interrogating their often controversial viewpoint  you are condoning their world view. You don’t have to think like everybody else. Today we see the results firsthand in this time of political change that by purely demonising and writing off people, we reap what we sow.

The first is a conversation with Joanna Williams who COTO has also chatted to CULTURE ON THE OFFENSIVE about her book Academic Freedom in the Age of Conformity.

Secondly we found his conversation with Maajid Nawaz particularly thought provoking. Maajid is a former Jihadi Extremist now turned Muslim Reformer.

There are many different conversations you can enjoy. It’s good to listen, discuss and engage and agree to disagree but also find common ground. By challenging each other we go forward, ‘on the offensive’, as opposed to ‘on the defensive.’ That is how new big ideas evolve.

We all need to get over being offended every time someone says something you don’t agree with. Guess what? That’s life.

With that in mind we think you should be brave and watch this. It may not challenge your preconceptions of this man,and you may learn more about how to defend your own positions. Or you may be surprised at the media depiction versus the reality. Above all it is fascinating viewing.

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